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F.S. 83.04  If a tenant does not vacate the premises after a lease expires, acceptance of rent does
not automatically renew the lease for the full term of the previous lease. The extension is for the
term for which the rent was paid and the tenancy may be terminated by giving notice. The law
says that Where the tenant holds over at the end of a lease the landlord has three options. He can:
1 demand double rent and possession of the property, (2) demand a specific amount of continuing
rent; or (3) sue for possession of the property plus damages including special damages for loss of
the property's use.

The seven day notice may be used for breach of lease.  If it is something they can cure, like a
unauthorized pet, guest or vehicle, failure to keep the place clean, then the SEVEN DAY NOTICE
with the curable clause should be used.  But if it incurable like destruction, damages,
unreasonable disturbance, then you use the Non Curable NOTICE OF TERMINATION.
The owner of this Process servicing
company has agreed to charge our
membership $25 instead of the normal $40.
Please use him when needed and mention
you are a member.
This is the location for training on how you
can file electronically for eviction.  You can
also find this training at clerk.org and clicking
E-filing On-line on the right hand side.  Then
click Training Videos under the heading
When the court grants a tenant a court date
without the tenant paying rent money into the
court, immediately send this document to the
Judge along with the completed Motion for
Default.  Sometimes this stops the hearing.
Financial burdens of smoking rentals